UNSUNG: BROTHER RICO TYLER: Rico Tyler was a part of "The Club 88 Family" and also provided his musical genius to Club Zanzibar's Early Friday Night "TALENT SHOW" - Club Zanzibar's Special Friday Talent Show operated in Zanzibar's First Floor Lounge prior to Midnight when Tony Humphries would begin playing upstairs in "THE BIG ROOM THAT VIBRATED THE WHOLE BUILDING" - Little known fact: Teenagers like Kenny Bobien was "discovered" at Club Zanzibar's "Talent Nite". Wyclef Jean who is now world famous (Fugees) also performed in Club Zanzibar's Talent Show. Rico Tyler was Music Director for The CeCe Rogers Band at Club Zansibar's Talent Show. Rico Tyler contributed to The Success of many upcoming Dance Music Recording Artist. The song "RESPECT" sung by ADEVA on "SMACK RECORDS" of Patterson, NJ was literally "Rico's Genius" of an arrangement. Sadly Rico Tyler Did Not get the Proper Credit nor deserved Compensation for his work. Rico Tyler was a Graduate of World Famous Boston's Berklee College Of Music Music. Rico Tyler a Gentle Spirit who contributed his Musical Genius to putting smiles on the faces of many. Rest Easy Brother Rico Tyler. Written by: Billie Prest, Former Director of Club 88 & Club Zanzibar, Newark, New Jersey.